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Students receive:
    • Personal student online program logins
    • Progress monitoring and email summaries from qualified teacher
    • Printable Certificates for level achievements
    • Extra Pen and Paper practice is available to support online lessons when required.
    • 24/7 web program access (Occassional Maintenance Shutdowns are performed)
    Our online programs are only available through schools or educational professionals.  They provide structured practice and personalised learning based on each students’ responses, so the students in your household all need their own login.   Students who struggle are automatically given more practice and instructional help by the programs, while those who demonstrate they have already mastered a skill are quickly moved on to the next activity.  Our tutor can monitor each students’ usage, individual learning path, and provide responsive feedback.

    There are 2 courses available to choose from:

    Initial sessions on these programs provide students with a series of placement activities to determine appropriate starting levels to focus their practice sessions on.

    Primary Reading and Math Course (ages 5 to 12)
    Students are provided with logins to both the Lexia Reading and Symphony Math programs.  

    These are fun, effective, personalised programs specifically designed with primary aged students in mind.  They are also suitable for use by older students wanting indepth instruction and practice in foundational reading and math skills at a school Year 1 to 6 level, including those with learning challenges such as dyslexia.

    Lexia Reading Core5®
    Year 1 to 6 Reading, Comprehension and Vocabulary Lessons

    Symphony Math®
    Year 1 to 6 Numbersense Math Skills
    Reading Plus Advanced Reading Course (ages 9+)
    This advanced reading course is recommended for students aged 9+ who already have sound foundational reading skills.  Reading Plus® presents text in a wide variety of reading genres to further develop students reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency in preparation for the reading challenges of secondary school.
    Reading Plus is ideal for intermediate aged students upwards, and can also be used by primary students over 9 years old working at or above expected reading levels.
    After the initial testing the program will advise if a student is not ready to start at this level of instruction in which case we would transfer them to a Lexia Reading program.

    Reading Plus®
    Silent Reading Comprehension, Fluency and Vocabulary
    Subscriptions start at $9.90 per week per pupil for each course—minimum 10 weeks (discounted rates available for longer terms)

    10 weeks for $99
    15 weeks for $145 (saves $3.50)
    20 weeks for $190 (saves $8.00)
    25 weeks for $230 (saves $17.20)
    1 year for $395      (saves $120.00)

    Before students can access the programs our staff need to set them up in our system so that the program knows their correct age etc.  You will be emailed confirmation and user instructions within 2 working days of payment.

    A reliable broadband internet connection
    Either Windows or Mac computer; or iPad; or Android Tablet.
    Sound capability (headsets are strongly recommended to provide a distraction free environment)
    Limited set up/installation is required

    In addition to program usage tips and support, free technical support is provided by email or phone
    From The IT Education Co NZ Ltd.
    Phone  03-5280094 line 1 (8.30am to 4.30pm)

    We provide this service to New Zealand subscribers only.  Overseas users please contact your local software agents or email us for more information.  Note we can not guarantee a refund for incorrect sign up.

    Reading and Maths courses:
    Subscriptions cannot be cancelled/refunded for non-use — with the exception of the program failing to run at your location.  For part year subscriptions a one-off suspension can be prearranged e.g. for a holiday — but not retrospectively or for non-use. (Full year subscriptions are discounted to provide for holidays).

    Cross-Trainer software:
    Cross-Trainer has a 30 day right of return for goods returned in resalable condition as sent.  Controllers with open packaging are not refundable - keep these and we will deduct their value from any refund payable.  Freight is non-refundable and an additional $5 administration fee will be deducted from any refund due.
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