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Literacy and Maths Online NZ provides research proven, school quality Math and Reading programs directly to New Zealand homes via the web.

Online program logins are provided for the learning programs selected upon enrolment. Usage is monitored remotely by an educational professional who will email monthly progress reports, with printable pdf resources to support online learning as needed. We are here to support you by phone or email.
Lexia Core5
Lexia PowerUp
Reading Plus
Symphony Math
Foundational Reading
for Ages 5-11
Foundational Reading
for Ages 11+
Reading Comprehension & Fluency for Ages 11+
Foundational Math
for Ages 6+

Lexia Core5 covers all six foundational reading skills taught from Years 1 to 6
at primary school:
Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Structural Analysis. Core5
is suitable for students of all skill levels, including ESOL and dyslexic
Lexia PowerUp has been specifically designed for struggling and non-proficient readers in
school Years 7 and above, including ESOL and
dyslexic students.
PowerUp uses relevant, interesting, authentic
texts, polling questions,
and text trailer videos designed to engage and motivate adolescents.
Reading Plus provides rigorous silent reading practice that improves fluency, comprehension
and vocabulary for
students who have
already mastered foundational reading skills. The Reading Plus Guided Window™ builds reading efficiency to make reading more enjoyable and increase comprehension.
Symphony Math develops
a deep understand of Numeracy - the foundation of all mathematics - in an age neutral interface that uses visual math models. The program can be used for remediation or to support primary school math lessons. Growth mindset videos motivate even reluctant learners.
Enjoy the flexibility of 24/7 online program access to fit lessons around your own family schedule.

Our internet based software, with automatically responsive content, personalises each students experience and lessons.

Monthly progress updates are emailed by our tutors who remotely monitor student progress.  Additional supplementary resources are provided to match each student’s individual needs.  Parents can email the students tutor directly for assistance.

Our award winning Reading and Math software is suitable for:
Home school
Extra practice
Dyslexic students
ESOL students
Supplementary lessons while travelling overseas
Anyone wanting to improve reading or foundational math skills!

If you live outside of New Zealand please contact your local program suppliers.
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