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We provide this service to New Zealand subscribers only.
Enrolments receive:
    • Personal student online program logins
    • Parent logins that let you monitor student progress and access support resources
    • Printable Certificates for level achievements
    • Extra Pen and Paper practice is available to support online lessons when required.
    • 24/7 web program access (Occassional Maintenance Shutdowns are performed)
    Our online programs are only available through schools or educational professionals.  They provide structured practice and personalised learning based on each students’ responses, so the students in your household all need their own login.   

    Students who struggle are automatically given more practice and instructional help by the programs, while those who demonstrate they have already mastered a skill are quickly moved on to the next activity.  

    With your parent login you will be able to monitor student usage, view their individualised learning path, be alerted when they need help and access support materials to act as teacher in your own home.


    Students can be enrolled for a reading program or maths or both!
    See Subscription Information section below for prices.

    Lexia Core5 : Year 1-6 Reading Skills Development
    A complete primary aged reading program that includes Foundational Word skills, Comprehension and Vocabulary Lessons, from pre-reading right through to an end of Year 6 level.

    Symphony Math® : Numeracy Mastery
    Foundation Number Sense math skills for at year level learners or math remediation - including with older students.  After year 1-6 math foundations have been mastered, wider skills practice includes year 7-8 geometry and statistics.

    Lexia PowerUp : Years 7+ Reading Remediation
    Covers from early reading through Year 9 reading skill levels, in an age appropriate format that has been specifically designed for Year 7+ students who need further foundational reading skills tuition.

    Reading Plus® : Silent Reading Advancement
    Reading Plus has a unique format that improves Silent Reading Comprehension, Fluency and Vocabulary for those who have already mastered foundational reading skills and are ready to proceed to 'reading to learn'.
    Students can be enrolled for a reading program, math program, or both; for 10 weeks, 6 months, or a full year.
    You will be emailed confirmation and user instructions within 1-3 working days of payment.

    Programs are accessible throughout school holiday periods and can't be put on hold. Prices reduce for longer subscription periods to account for the likelihood that students will take breaks on occassion.

    Individual Student Enrolment Prices:
    • 10 weeks : $75 for one student on one program; $110 for one student on a reading program and the math program
    • 6 months : $170 for one student on one program; $240 for one student on a reading program and the math program
    • 1 Year : $280 for one student on one program; $400 for one student on a reading program and the math program

    Multiple Student Discounts:
    20% off for 2 or more students same household on a single order.

    Multi student discounts can not be backdated for students added at a later date, however ask to align expiry dates to enable discounts for renewal orders.


    A reliable broadband internet connection
    Sound capability (headsets are strongly recommended to provide a distraction free environment)
    A printer is helpful for using the supplementary support materials.
    Limited set up/installation is required
    Either Windows or Mac computer; Chromebook.  Some iPads will also run some programs.
    Please check full program specifications:

    In addition to program usage tips and support, free technical support is provided by email or phone
    from The IT Education Co NZ Ltd.

    Phone  03-5280094.  

    Normal office hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


    Subscriptions cannot be refunded for non use — except for reason of the program failing to operate correctly at your location that can not be remediated with support from us.  This must be advised immediately upon occurrence.

    We allow subscribers to change the enrolled student from one program to another if they complete a program or find it is not suitable for their needs.

    If you face an unforeseeable change of circumstance that will interrupt student program usage please tell us immediately so that we can consider a goodwill suspension. This cannot be provided retrospectively — please contact us at the time of event.

    Logins are not put on hold for school holidays.

    If you live outside of New Zealand please contact your local program suppliers.
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