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Lexia PowerUp Literacy has been specifically designed for struggling and non-proficient readers in Years 7 and above. PowerUp engages and motivates adolescent readers through inclusion of a range of relevant, high-interest authentic texts, polling questions, and text trailer videos.  
PowerUp would be the program we would recommend for Intermediate or High School students, and Adults too, who want to improve foundational reading skills.  Maybe you have a teenager who still reads very slowly as they frequently struggle to read some individual words causing them to lose track of the overall meaning of what they are reading e.g. a dyslexic student may be in this situation.
Student Dashboard

Students can choose activities to work on, and self-check their progress from their student dashboard when they login to use the program.  

The program sets weekly usage time goals for each skill set depending on how much the student needs to work on the particular strand.  As they complete the time goals for one activity, it shows as completed, and the student can choose another to work on.
Skills Addressed in PowerUp

PowerUp develops Comprehension, Word Study, and Grammar skills up to a Year 9 level so there’s usually plenty of scope even for fairly proficient Year 7-8 readers. All three of these skill sets are used when we try to understand texts we read.
Word Study
(14 levels)
(7 levels)
(16 levels)
Students develop automatic word recognition skills and an understanding of multisyllabic academic vocabulary words.
Students learn how words function in sentences, as well as how various text genres are structured, in order to further develop their comprehension and composition skills.
Students develop skills and strategies to analyse literary and informational texts of increasing complexity for deep meaning and understanding.

How will I know what level to start work on?
PowerUp automatically places students at the proper skill level for each of the 3 skill sets after they complete an online placement session.   Each student’s start combination can be quite unique e.g. a student may start Word Study at a low level, Comprehension at a middle level, and Grammar on a higher level.

Available on iPads, Computers and Chromebooks meeting technical specifications (Not available on Android Tablets)
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