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1.What is my username, password and sitecode?

Your username, password and sitecode were emailed to you when you signed up for Literacy and Maths.  If you are having trouble locating this information please email
2.Help! I am not able to continue.  My screen says I am paused or that I need an override code. What do I do?

These messages will appear if a student is struggling in the program or  if they are moving through a lesson too quickly. When these appear you  will need to speak with your tutor as they are the only ones who  can allow you to continue.
3.Help! The program is too fast, too slow, too difficult, too easy, etc.

Each of us is a unique learner. A tutor will be monitoring your progress and adjusting the program to meet your unique learning needs. Please contact your Reading Plus tutor to make these types of changes within the program. Your tutor is best suited to make the changes that are appropriate just for you.
4.My screen is frozen

If you are using Reading Plus at home and the system is slow, appears to freeze, or disconnects consider the following:
  • Try loading other websites to check if your computer is still connected to the Internet
  • Refresh the page (this will make the browser read the page again in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari):
    • Windows: ctrl + F5
    • Mac/Apple: command + R
  • Try reloading the browser by closing and reopening it.
  • CLICK HERE to check the software and hardware requirements for Reading Plus 4.0 to make sure your computer is able to support the program.
  • Reading Plus requires 400 kbps for optimum performance. Click here to check your Internet speed: (Click New York).
  • Close all other websites and programs on your computer.
  • Try running the program on Full Screen mode by pressing F11
Check your computer Operating System and the Web Browser for Updates.  If these steps do not resolve your issue please send a screen shot of  the problem to or call our phone line.
How can I check my child’s progress?

There are two ways for  you to check on your child’s progress in the program. The first is to  log in along with your child into there account. Once you’re in the  Student Dashboard, you can check how many lessons your child has  completed on each section of the program: iBalance, SeeReader, and Read  Around.  Your child’s tutor sets the amount of lessons to be completed  each week.
The second way to check progress, is to select the Progress link on the left of the Student Dashboard. This will allow you to see comprehensive data on your child’s progression within the program.
You may also contact your child’s tutor, who can provide further data and context on your child’s progress in the program.
What are the different components of the program?

SeeReader is an intelligent web-based eReader that allows  students to read and analyze increasingly complex texts. Students select  a story that matches their reading level and their interests. After  reading the selection, they answer 10 thoughtful questions about the  text. The story is presented using either a guided window, which guides  the reader’s movement through the printed lines of the story, much like a  finger does. The story might be presented using an independent reading  format, which allows the student to progress through the page on their  own, without the assistance of the guided window.  SeeReader levels A  through M represent grades 1st through L (12th grade) and M (College).
Read Around is the vocabulary section of the program. The words learned in Read Around were selected through extensive analysis and research.  Students engage with and master vocabulary in Read Around, and then encounter those words in SeeReader texts. Read Around offers 12 levels of vocabulary, corresponding to 1st grade through college level.
iBalance is the part of the program that supports the development of visual and perceptual skills related to reading. iBalance  includes a Flash activity in which a combination of three letters is  presented at different distances from the center of the screen.  The  student is asked to type the letter sequence that was flashed. iBalance  also includes a Scan activity in which students are asked to follow a  guided window and press on the space bar whenever they see an open ring  that looks much like the letter c.
I see the program running but something is missing from the screen.

If you logged into Reading Plus and cannot see the entire screen, check the screen resolution. Reading Plus requires a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. You can check your screen resolution here:
To adjust screen resolution:
For Windows: Right click on the Desktop and select Resolution. In the Resolution drop-down menu, select 1024 x 768
For Mac: Click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen. Select  System Preferences. Select Displays, and then choose 1024 x 768
If you are still unable to see the entire screen, check if your  browser displays toolbars that take up space in the window.  Disable or  hide these toolbars during your Reading Plus sessions or try running the program using the Full Screen option.
8.I’m having a problem running Reading Plus 4.0 on Internet Explorer 8.

Unfortunately, IE 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft™. Our team is no  longer able to support it as a browser. If you are using a Windows XP  computer we would recommend that you install the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

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