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“We are great fans of the Reading Plus programme.  The girls read voraciously already, but the ability to accurately gauge their understanding has been invaluable.  We cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Parent of girls using the program for 1 year.

Ideal for Intermediate/High School students to build on existing core skills

Reading Plus picks up where phonics and oral reading instruction leave off, providing fast, sustainable comprehension and silent reading fluency gains. Once students have mastered the foundational ‘learn to read skills’, Reading Plus helps to further develop their reading ability and comfort up to levels required at higher levels of schooling and employment.  

Reading Plus provides:
  • Personalised instruction that meets each student at their level of learning
  • Texts that build background knowledge and expand students’ interests
  • Dashboard that helps students see their reading progress


The Reading Plus system's adaptive interventions assist students in developing the silent reading skills they need to become proficient readers and independent learners. Reading Plus will not only provide appropriate reading material, but will be constantly adjusting the material difficulty and presentation for each student. As they improve in their reading comprehension, the material will increase in the speed it is presented to the students. Both comprehension and speed increase in tandem to create proficient, fluent, life-long readers.

Some key features are:

  • Built in eye tracking exercises help prepare them for their reading practice session, as well as improve eye tracking facility.
  • Comprehension questions follow passages of on screen text that students choose and read.
  • Automatically increases/decreases text speed or difficulty depending on the student’s responses.  
  • Students complete 30 minute sessions and should aim for 3 to 5 sessions per week!
  • Support when needed - an automated support mode provides assistance for struggling students right when they need it.
  • Extra Skills instruction - video lessons and worksheets for specific skills requiring help are linked to student dashboards for any areas identified as requiring support.
  • Onscreen certificates encourage and celebrate success with students.
  • Tutor reports emailed include students reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary levels.
  • Web-based – no installation required.

Student Choice and Control

Students self-select informational and literary texts from eight high-interest categories. Interest profiles help students make connections between their own interests and curriculum topics while igniting curiosity and expanding knowledge. Game mechanics provide incentive for even the most reluctant readers, while mastery goals provide all students with greater degrees of choice and control over their learning experiences.

“The higher levels the Reading Plus program are certainly providing our girls with some fascinating reading; we often end up researching the topics further and are ending up with a large list of places to visit!" Peter Grant, Parent.

Reading Plus will run on Mac or Windows computers, iPads, Windows Tablets, or Chromebooks meeting techncial specifications.

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